OZMO_VR is a small but dedicated company experienced in bridging imaginary realms together with the real physical world of everyday. The team has deep knowledge and experience building immersive experiences with diverse feedback and control scheme, in the fields of arts, culture and heritage, medical science and practices, psychology.


Production of concepts, synthesis, visual 2D, 3D and high quality sound content for applications.

Creation of tailored spaces and experiences, with 3D, video, spatialized sound, and biofeedback with movement capture, force, EEG, ECG, myography, or other.

Development of specific applications for medical revalidation with data analysis, psychological preparation to hypnosis, tailored psychology treatment.

Development of art experiences with specific audiences and high immersion.

Development of cultural / educative VR/AR applications and systems applyable to museum, gallery, outside spaces and city-scape
bridging together the physical and virtual spaces.


OZMO_VR is a team of long time VR artists and developpers from Europe, having envisioned the VR medium with years ahead through their own works and experiments. They now put their knowledge at the service of other fields or experiences.

As the VR/AR medium is more reacheable nowadays, OZMO_VR is there to helps uplift the quality of VR/AR experiences that are build to teach, help and enlight professionals and the general public.

contact [at] ozmovr.eu